What would you the most regret on Solyd ?

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What would you the most regret on Solyd ?

Postby falke » 19 Apr 2017 10:53

For me , this is the lack of popular package such as Skype, spotify , chrome and other in the repos

which bring me in a situation where I allways take the risk to break this great distro with installing PPA which is strongly not recommanded.

This is unfortunately the only reason , for which I think , I could one day leave Solyd, while I like the principe of stability AND the possibility to have also the newest TB , FF ...

Could it be any chance that such package come in the repos one day ?

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Re: What would you the most regret on Solyd ?

Postby ilu » 19 Apr 2017 15:22

There's 2 things to consider: time and license. Someone would have to maintain the packages in the repo and I'm quite sure we don't have the human ressources to do that. Secondly, you can only put packages into a repo where you have the license to do so. If a program is free of charge it doesn't necessarily mean it's free to distribute. I think at least with chrome it's not allowed. So I think the answer to your question is: probably not.

Re chrome: There's chromium in the repos. That's enough for most people?
Re skype: There's talking about MS ditching the Linux-client without replacement. So maybe a good idea to look for replacements early.

And regarding both: Why use a free OS and then install spy software?

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Re: What would you the most regret on Solyd ?

Postby kurotsugi » 25 Apr 2017 05:27

after several years using linux...my regret was: why didn't I found this distro earlier :lol:

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Re: What would you the most regret on Solyd ?

Postby martinst » 28 Apr 2017 15:53

For the last two years or so I adopted the goal to move to Linux. There have been a few obstacles in the way, however:
1.) No evernote client. I considered this to be a killer, even had a subscription. But I realized that I was mostly collecting garbage and found an alternative: tagspaces for documents and qownnotes for text notes. Goodbye evernote.
With this problem solved I actually did switch to Linux Solydx on a lenovo w530 as my main computer. Having found Solydx was a godsend and made the decision a lot easier. I like other distros, but this is it.
2.) Having been a mac user for so long I no longer use the mac for anything except itunes. I have a large music library and have not yet tackled the task seriously. The music isn't stored on the mac itself but on a raspberry py NAS. I have to solve this before my mac dies because I will not buy yet another one. I'm not sure if there is an easy way to move, but I must find one.
I think the key when moving to Linux: Unclutter your needs that you think you have.

Good luck, Martin

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